Richmond's Journey to Health Equity

It’s Everyone’s Journey

In every community and every stage of life, the people of Richmond deserve the opportunity to enjoy good health. But for too long, our health has been determined less by our choices than by our skin color, address, income, schools, and language.

Building a Culture of Health means shifting the way we think, talk, and act about health. It means confronting the forces behind inequality, like bad planning and investment decisions, unequal distribution of power and resources, racism, and prejudice. It means valuing the strengths of every person, and building on those strengths to become a healthier city.

Data Deep Dive

Numbers talk. Knowing where we are makes it clear where we can change for the better. Want to learn more about what drives health in your neighborhood? Simply type an address into the Richmond Data Deep Dive tool to get started.

About Culture of Health Richmond

In 2017, Richmond won the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize in recognition of our hard work as a city to build the partnerships, strategies, and understanding we need to achieve health equity. Culture of Health Richmond is a citywide collaboration to share voices, stories, data, and opportunities for action that will further our progress toward health, justice, and thriving.