Root Causes

Racial justice and cultural healing

In a Culture of Health, every person, no matter their age, race, or income, has power: the power to make healthy choices. To be heard, and expect that our voices will matter. To be treated with respect and given the opportunity to thrive at home, school, and work.

Moving toward justice means breaking down barriers that have persisted for generations - poverty, racism, education gaps, family instability, unequal resource distribution, and trauma. It means restoring the power of voice and choice to every community, and changing the policies, systems, and environments that have prevented many of us from thriving for so long.

Why Richmond Needs the Food Justice Movement

For decades, organizations in Richmond have been working to improve access to healthy food for all, but over time the movement has evolved to dig more deeply into the root causes of food insecurity – the injustices that have prevented many black, brown, and low-income residents from participating in the local food system.

Food justice is about more than whether our communities have enough to eat. It’s about growing community and reclaiming power and choice. How can we ensure that people in every community can access, afford, buy, cook, grow, and sell food of their choice? How do we need to change the way we think, talk, act, and invest in food and power in Richmond if we want to support real growth and healing?

Discover ways a single urban garden or farm can restore the body, mind, spirit, and community.
Learn how food justice connects to youth empowerment and community building in the East End.
Hear local leaders in food justice speak their truth and share their vision.

Data Deep Dive

Numbers talk. Knowing where we are makes it clear where we can change for the better. Want to learn more about what drives health in your neighborhood? Simply type an address into the Richmond Data Deep Dive tool to get started.