The Built Environment

Building our way to better health

Affordable, comfortable housing. Quality places to work, shop, and gather. Safe streets and reliable, affordable transportation. Modern schools designed to help students thrive. Green spaces to play, grow food, and connect.

A healthy built environment nourishes the people who live and work there. Building our way to better health means partnering with communities to imagine, build, and sustain the healthy spaces we all deserve.

Moving Beyond Creighton Court

Richmond has a plan to redevelop public housing communities citywide and increase affordable housing options in mixed-income neighborhoods. But whether a family has lived in public housing for three years or three generations, transitioning out means much more than a change of address. Learn more about Richmond’s housing landscape and how Family Transition Coaches are helping Creighton Court residents to find their way forward.

When the Safe Routes to School Coordinators "drive" the Walking School Bus to Fairfield Elementary, children, families, teachers, and the whole community benefit.
Hear from Richmond's pedestrian/cyclist advocates about the many ways the city will benefit from increasing pedestrian and cyclist safety.
Want to learn more about housing in Richmond? Explore The Reinvestment Fund’s 2017 analysis of local housing markets.
No two paths out of Creighton look the same. Explore the routes real residents have taken - and the support they needed along the way.
Learn about the program from Creighton Residents and their dedicated Coaches.
Hear a Family Transition Coach and former public housing resident share her perspective on Creighton residents' challenges and strengths.

Data Deep Dive

Numbers talk. Knowing where we are makes it clear where we can change for the better. Want to learn more about what drives health in your neighborhood? Simply type an address into the Richmond Data Deep Dive tool to get started.


Want to get involved? Here’s what you can do with your time, money, and voice to support this important work in Richmond. 


Visit the office of Richmond Opportunities Incorporated (ROI) at 1810 Creighton Road in Richmond and witness the positive impact of a people-centered approach!


Invite a Family Transition Coach or team member from ROI to speak to your club, civic group, or faith community.

Contact Elaine Summerfield at for details.


Help Richmond Opportunities Incorporated and the Family Transition Coach team host events and spread the word about people who benefit from these programs. Contact Elaine Summerfield at for details.


Donate to Richmond Opportunities Incorporated to support its work to build opportunities and change outcomes. Funds will be used for transition coaches, service coordination, neighborhood engagement, and ongoing evaluation necessary to scale the model across Richmond.