Whole-Family Thriving

Pathways to wellness, safety, and choice

Even before we are born, our potential for good health depends on the lives and choices of the people around us. If we want to make it possible for everyone in Richmond to be healthy, we need to work with families to build on their strengths and address the physical, emotional, social, educational, economic, and environmental challenges in their lives.

Whole people. Whole families. Whole communities. Whole systems. It’s time to think big and do what it takes to help every person in Richmond enjoy the health and opportunities they deserve.

Nurturing Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Richmond Public Schools

What does it take to help a child become focused, confident, and ready to learn? At the district level and within its schools and classrooms, the powerful team at Richmond Public Schools is working hard to build strategies that support students socially and emotionally and help them prepare for school and life.

Under the bold leadership of Superintendent Jason Kamras and with hard work and vision from teachers, staff, and parents who are willing to go the extra mile, RPS is building a culture of support, trust, and healing that will make it easier for every child to succeed.

Discover how one single dad is leading more than fifty other fathers and father figures to find their place in school.
Explore a room where K-5 students can recenter, recharge, and build resilience to last a lifetime.

Data Deep Dive

Numbers talk. Knowing where we are makes it clear where we can change for the better. Want to learn more about what drives health in your neighborhood? Simply type an address into the Richmond Data Deep Dive tool to get started.


Want to get involved? Here’s what you can do with your time, money, and voice to support this important work in Richmond. 


Woodville Elementary’s Mindfulness Room is already making a powerful impact on the lives of students and faculty, but they could use more tools to support their work, like yoga mats and other stress relieving tools. Contact Amanda Lynch at adavis@rvaschools.net to contribute!


Launch a chapter of the WatchDOGS program at your child’s school! Talk with the leadership at your child’s school and connect with the national WatchDOGS organization to learn more.


Want to get involved in change in Richmond Public Schools? Put your talents to use by volunteering. Contact Richmond Public Schools for more details.